Ice Maker Repair

An ice maker is a device used to make ice from water. It is usually found in a refrigerator or could be on its own. The principle behind the making of ice is simple. Low-pressure refrigerant vapor is compressed to high-pressure vapor. The vapor is moved to the condenser and condensed to high-pressure liquid.

The liquid is passed out through a throttle valve and becomes low-pressure liquid. The liquid is then conducted to the evaporator and ice is made by heat exchange. At times, ice makers stop functioning, leaving you wondering whether to purchase a new one or call someone to fix it.

Well, there are some simple tricks you can use to fix your ice makers the DIY way. It is sometimes difficult to point out the part of the ice maker with the problem. However, there are some common problems that often arise from specific parts.

Here’re basic problems you may experience with your ice maker and how to repair them.

3 Common Issues with Ice Makers and Likely Repairs

  1. Ice Maker Does Not Make Ice

This is the most common problem people encounter. Your ice maker may not be making ice due to various reasons, as it has many parts. It is important that you check the functionality of its various parts. Here’s a guideline to check and correct these parts.

Check the Water Line for Clogging. The arm may swing correctly into motion and a buzz sound is produced for some seconds, meaning the water supply line is clogged. To correct this, ensure there’s no flow of water. Disconnect the line from the refrigerator. Direct it to a sink or a bucket and turn on the valve to test if water pours out.

The bail wire could also be the problem. It should be in the down position for the ice maker to work and not shut off.

Check the solenoid to ensure it receives power and is effective. Unplug the refrigerator. Clean the solenoid, flushing it with water. Inspect the solenoid for breakages on seals or other sections. If the solenoid is broken, replace it with a new one.

Check the ice maker’s tap valve that links the water supply tube to the water pipe. If it is faulty, water may not get to the ice maker and thus requires replacement. Also replace the inlet and valve if need be.

Clogged filters also lead to little or no ice production. The filters are mostly placed in the inlet valves. Check to confirm if they’re clogged. If clogged, water will not pass through and therefore, no ice will be made. Replace the filters for efficient flow of water. You should replace the filters frequently to prevent chances of clogging.

The pressure of water in your home could be too low. If the water pressure is low or is not consistent, the water might not get to the ice maker and no ice will be made. Make sure the water pressure is correct as it enhances the flow of water into the ice maker.

  1. Ice Maker Keeps Producing Ice

Your ice maker might keep making ice even after it fills the ice bin. To fix this issue, you have to remove the ice maker and clean it properly. Remember to do this when the refrigerator is off. Return the ice maker back to position and turn it on to see if it works. If it does not work, replace the ice maker to fix the issue.

  1. Ice Maker Freezing Up

The ice maker can stop to produce ice and get clogged with ice on the inside. To correct this, switch off the refrigerator. Disconnect the ice bin. Remove all the ice that could be removed with ease.

Identify where the fill tube, a white rubber-like pipe which transports water to the ice maker, is positioned. Heat up the hose pipe a little bit using a hair dryer or dipping it in warm water. This helps to melt the ice that is blocking the system. To prevent getting shocked, hold the dryer on top of the pipe so that the water does not drip into the drier. Take care not to burn the plastic pipes.

Repairing your own ice maker helps to save up some coins. Some problems, however, require qualified professionals for repair. If you’ve tried repairing the ice maker, but it still does not work, hire an expert in the specific repairs to get your appliance back to its original performance. Replace the ice maker if repair is too hectic or requires too much time or money.

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