Freezer Repair

Frustrations are associated with broken freezer. You need to learn how to troubleshoot issues with your freezer such as when it is too cool, it stops running, when it makes strange noises and when it is frosting up. These repairs take less than 20 minutes averagely.

Common Signs of a Broken Freezer

Build-up of Frost. Frost building up in a freezer occurs when defrost timer, thermostat or door gasket are not properly working. Repairing your freezer requires you to know more about the freezer parts.

Noise that is unusual. This mainly occurs when there is issue with fan blade and motor which may make your freezer produce unusual noises. You need to learn how to inspect freezer parts.

Freezer won’t start. If your freezer won’t start, then inspection of the thermostat, start relay and start capacitor should be done. You need to learn how to replace and test the parts to assist you in the repair process of the freezer.

Freezer runs continuously. You need to learn how to repair the freezer when it doesn’t stop running. Testing of the defrost thermostat, timer and temperature control should be done.

Freezer gets too cold. There is a possibility that a freezer can be too cold even up to internal temperature of below 0 degrees F. if your freezer keeps running cold after then ideal temperature of below 0 degrees, you will need to inspect the user control, thermostat and temperature control.

Freezer gets too warm. You need to repair your freezer whenever it doesn’t cool. For you to find out what is wrong with you, you will be required to text the thermostat, defrost timer and user control.

Freezer Repair Issues

Freezer Producing Puddles

Water supply lines that serves water dispensers in the freezer can cause leakage causing pool of water in the freezer. A fridge lacking good features can create water issues. Each and every fridge releases water in melting ice and condensation form. When the system dealing with this water fails, both inside and outside of your fridge can end up with puddles.

First, have a look at the water supply line. Whenever your fridge has a water dispenser, check for any leakages after pulling out your fridge. If there is any leakage present at the inlet valve, make sure the compression nuts are tightened.

Replacement should be done on the leaking copper or plastic tubes in the freeze. Tubing is done to both the inlet and saddle valve using a screw on compression fittings.

Water usually drains under the fridge into a pan where it evaporates afterwards. However, if you have a poorly tilted fridge, water can easily spill out of the pan. Leveling of the fridge can help provide solution to such issues.

The drain tubes should be cleared. If plugging is done to the drain tubes, water would leak onto the floor and into the compartments within the fridge. The cover panel should first be removed before unplugging it.

Some freezer models require unscrewing of the floor panel. A hair dryer can be used to melt the built-up ice then use a sponge to sop away the melt water. The drain hole will then need clean-up. To clear the drain hole, air should be blown into it.

Using any tube that can fit into the hole would work. You can also use air compressor or a tire pump to help in turning down the pressure.

Noisy Freezer

Noise from the fridge usually comes from the compressor, the evaporator fan motor and the condenser fan motor. Whenever the fridge is running, open the freezer door. By doing this, the noise should be louder. If not, the fridge should be pulled out.

Most freezers have got a condenser fan motor. The back cover should be unscrewed to help you notice where the noise is coming from. It could be either from the compressor or the fan. The only cure for a loud compressor is buying a new fridge.

If the sound becomes louder when the fridge is opened, the cause might be the evaporator fan motor. This motor is usually the easiest motor type to replace. Replacement is done by unscrewing the back cover panel.


Appliance repair is almost inevitable. However, fixing freezer is not that hard. The most key issue is to understand how a freezer works and how its issue can be diagnosed.

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