Dryer Repair

Dryers are machines that use fuel to heat air and fan and a motor to blow the dryer around. Below are some possible problems associated with dryers and their simple repair tips. These DIY tips can help save you the expenses of calling professional services.

They can help remove some issues with your dryer. However, if the dryer isn’t starting, make sure it is plugged in. Such an issue is simple that doesn’t even require a technician’s help. Bumping loose of plugs can be a result of fallen objects and animals.

7 Common Problems with Dryer and DIY solutions to them

  1. Dryer Still Fails to Work even after it’s plugged in

If your dryer is already plugged into the electrical outlet but still won’t work, it could be time to check your home’s electrical box to check if there is a trip of the circuit breaker of the fuse has blown. The breaker maybe be turned on and the fuse replaced. This is usually the best time to see the voltage using a voltage meter in the outlet. Both gas and electric dryers need 240 volts for a proper operation. If your outlet fails to operate in a good way, immediately contact an electrician. If the power cords can also fail to work, check the voltage and make sure its replaced if need be.

  1. The Dryer Works but Fails to Heat

If a dryer turns on then shuts off in less than 5 minutes, this is usually an indication that the thermal resistor is faulty. Whenever the thermal fuse blows, it usually turns off thus preventing overheating of the dryer. The temperature sensor can be checked using a voltage meter to see if it is properly operating. Don’t forget to check the dryer’s timer and heating element to see if they are receiving power. The thermal fuse should always be replaced whenever it’s blown.

  1. The Dryer Vibrates Wildly and is Noisy

If your dryer produces wild noises and vibrations, it means it is off-balance. Therefore, steps must be taken for the dryer to be levelled. If not, it might cause further damage to the structure or even never be quiet.

  1. Clothes are Taking Long to Dry

If your clothes take a long time to dry or come out covered in lint, make sure that the lint filter is cleaned. Air never freely flows into the lint filter whenever it is full. This usually makes the machine to work longer than is required. After the filter is emptied, a thorough cleaning should be given to it to ensure residues from the sheets are get rid of. Alcohol can also be rubbed on the electronic moisture sensors. When your dryer works efficiently, possible fires can be prevented.

  1. Clothes Won’t Dry Even after the Filter is Clean

If your filter is already clean and the dryer is heating up well but it is still taking long period to dry clothes, you should probably check two things. Check if the vent system of the dryer is disconnected or clogged. You can use a bristle brush with long hand to clean out the vent. This is usually done to prevent clogs.

If your brush isn’t long enough to reach the venting system, a leaf blower can be used to clean the system. You can also opt to hire a professional. If your dryer has a plastic hose that is flexible, have it replaced. This is usually a fire trap which waits for disasters. Most new building codes need a dryer vent that is ridged.

You can then for outside and check the vent outside. Most vents are designed with a trap door which opens when the dryer lint and air are blown. If the vent becomes coated with lint, the trap door won’t open. This is mostly seen in areas with high humidity. The vent should be checked at least every few months to see if it is coated with lint.

  1. No Idea with the Issue with the Dryer

After you’ve checked everything but still have no idea of the issue with your dryer, get your operating manual and read it. However, if you don’t have the manual, visit the manufacturer’s site. This might take less time because it is even less expensive than making a repair call to the professionals.

  1. You still have not Clue even after Reading the Manual

The last option before making a call to a professional technician, visit appliance repair sites. However, if this still doesn’t work for you and you happen to stay in Mesa Arizona, contact Brad’s Appliance Repair for professional repair services.