Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers provide convenience when it comes to cleaning dishes as you relax. However, a dishwasher that is either running poorly or has broken down can cause inconveniences to you. This is where a dishwasher repair company comes in.

It should be able to offer professional dishwasher repair services by fixing issues from drain problems to extended wash cycles. This is to help keep your dishwasher from providing the quality results as expected.

A dishwasher technician should always be available to help you identify your problem and offer quick solutions. Routine dishwasher maintenance should also be offered. This is done to extend your dishwasher’s service life.

Common Signs of Dishwasher Issues that Need Repair

Noticing the following issues with your dishwasher is a sign that it needs repair service.

Cloudy glassware. A dishwasher with a cloudy glassware shows user error though poor rinsing before loading or using hard water that might need a softener. Look for technicians to help you solve this issue as quickly as possible.

At the end of the cycle, dishes are not properly cleaned. Some of the reasons why dishes can become inadequately washed is because of a heating element being burned-out, a wash impeller or pump assembly being worn out or spray armholes being blocked. Experts are always there to help repair issues with your dishwasher.

Humming of the dishwasher before it turns off. If your dishwasher hums before turning off, this is an indication that the motor is spoilt and requires replacement.

Running of the wash cycles for a long time. If your dishwashers run for a long period of time, it may be an indication that it has difficulty in completing cycles. This can be either because of a malfunctioning timer or a thermostat that is defective.

Water does not fill the dishwasher. The main reasons why water can fail to fill your dishwasher are; failed valve, defective water inlet solenoid, a malfunctioning timer or a defective or stuck overflow float switch

Water failing to pump out. A drain line that is clogged, drain solenoid that is worn-out or a worn-out impeller can prevent water from being totally eliminated from the dishwasher.

Leaking dishwasher. Using incompatible or too much soap is one of the major cause of leakages. Issues associated with dishwashers include leaking motor assembly or pump, worn spray arm assemblies and worn out door gaskets.


Components of a dishwasher can be replaced as unit. This is affordable and easier as compared to having professional do the repairs. However, if you are not sure that a dishwasher is still usable, remove it and take it for testing to a professional. After the testing, you can then decide if you are to buy a new dishwasher part or repair the old one.

The dishwasher is usually connected to both the electrical and plumbing system. This means that when working on the dishwasher, both systems must be put into considerations. Before working on the dishwasher, ensure the unit is unplugged and the power connected to the unit is turned off.

Don’t forget to remove the fuse in the circuit breaker because it controls the circuit at the panel in the main entrance. Also shut off the water supply connected to the dishwasher.


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